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  • Feb 20 2018

Preventing the Spread of Infection in Dental Practices

There is currently a silent battle in every healthcare environment all over the world: the war against germs. For both patients and staff alike, germs must be destroyed in order to prevent the spread of infections. This may be due to contaminated equipment, surgical instruments, or improper staff hygiene.

  • Feb 14 2018

Microbiology and the Spread of Microorganisms

When microorganisms are responsible for causing disease, they are commonly referred to as pathogens. Unfortunately, when it comes to making a home for themselves, microorganisms aren’t overly picky about their environment; as long as they can find sufficient food, a comfortable temperature and moisture in which to thrive, they will start to multiply - and quickly!

  • Dec 4 2017

How to choose a dental Handpiece

It is no secret that low-speed and high-speed dental handpieces are considered an essential tool in your practice. We have put together this Buyers’ Guide to help you better understand the many options available in the marketplace today, as the choice is far greater now than it has ever been before. When it comes to purchasing your next handpiece, here are 12 features we believe you need to consider.

  • Nov 8 2017

Opalescence Go – For patients on the go

Opalescence Go is the perfect option for patients who are looking for a convenient, ready-to-go teeth whitening solution. A professional whitening gel delivered in pre-filled, disposable trays, Opalescence Go features the enhanced UltraFit™ tray and can deliver dramatic results in as a little as 15 minutes per day. 

  • Nov 8 2017

Opalescence Endo - From Dark to White

Single dark tooth does not only influence a patient’s smile, but also presents a challenge for dental professionals to help patients achieve the best aesthetic outcome.