Gunz Dental New ZealandFounded in 1936, we are the Australian privately-owned dental products importer and distributor across Australia and New Zealand. At Gunz Dental we promise educated people who understand our customers’ needs, supplying relevant products and honest advice to help dental professionals provide the best possible care.
3A Wirriga Street5010Regency ParkAU
Gunz Dental New Zealand
3A Wirriga StreetRegency Park, AU
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Dear Customers,

We hope you've had a chance to visit our new and improved website! 😊

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How Gunz Dental Puts Customer Care First

For over 88 years, Gunz ...

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At the beginning of 2020, things looked great for the dental industry. The economy was booming...

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The New Reality - Dentistry is a Business

The time for talk of change is now over and all practice owners and prac...

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The Subtle Change that is Having a Big Effect on your Marketing Efforts - Part One

Perhaps you’ve been blissfully unaware but for a number of years now, there’s been...

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Why Soft Skills are Important at Work?

It’s no secret that interpersonal skills are the next big thing in HR. In layman te...

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Pandemic Leadership: How you Need to Adapt

Many of us can easily recall precisely when key events occurred around the world and in our ow...

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Why it is Smarter to Own Your Practice Rather Than Work for a Dental or Veterinary Corporate

The corporate message that corporates can run practices better is open to serious question. Ma...

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